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At the Austin law firm of Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc., our lawyers provide thorough, aggressive, and cost effective service to lenders and creditors of all sizes on matters ranging from complex secured financing agreements to open credit card accounts acquired in the secondary market. We handle all stages of commercial and consumer debt enforcement, from the issuance of demand letters to post-foreclosure or post-judgment examinations, asset seizures, and liquidation. To learn how our creditors’ rights and debt collection practice can improve the performance of your loan or open account portfolio, contact one of our Texas collection attorneys at our Austin office.

Examples of the collection, litigation, and enforcement matters we handle are the following:

Bank loans secured by inventory, accounts receivable, motor vehicles, farm equipment, crops, real estate, or investment securities
Enforcement of a personal guarantee or pledge
Unsecured loans and private financing agreements
Open vendor accounts for small businesses or major corporations
Collection of consumer debt on behalf of banks, retailers, credit card issuers, or purchasers and assignees of credit card accounts
We also help our clients resolve problems related to fraudulent conveyances, fraud or misrepresentation in the inducement to advance credit, debtors’ counterclaims including lender liability claims, or any other dispute that can arise under the Uniform Commercial Code, Texas consumer credit law, or the common law of contracts. Where your debtor appears to be headed for bankruptcy, our lawyers can often achieve a better result through a negotiated workout than you might realize in a case under Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code.

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For national originators or purchasers of credit card debt who need effective counsel in Texas to collect outstanding accounts, we offer a highly streamlined and efficient collection procedure that can enforce your rights while keeping you fully advised of our progress and the performance of individual accounts. We handle as many as 3,000 open files as of any given time, and we can easily operate at an even higher volume. Our attorneys litigate credit card accounts all over Texas, and can tailor our periodic reports to our clients in exactly the form you require.

We also provide comprehensive client service after the judgment is obtained. Our experience with Texas commercial and consumer debt collection can help maximize the likelihood that your judgment will be paid. To learn more about the scope of our client service in Texas debt collections, contact an experienced Austin commercial law attorney at Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc.


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