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Here at Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. an Austin Law Firm we offer a comprehensive suite of legal services to companies and individuals backed by our core of outstanding Attorneys. Including highly experienced injury attorneys, divorce lawyers, family law attorneys and administrative attorneys.

Our Austin Law Firm is comprised of a solid team of litigation attorneys whose expertise and courtroom experience include representation for clients covering a broad range of issues. We handle litigation and appeal cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, auto accident injury and filing an injury claim. We also have highly qualified and experienced attorneys dedicated in the area of family law, providing guidance in filing for divorce, child support and child custody negotiations, modifications, divorce settlement or agreements, alimony and other elements of divorce law, visitation rights and/or legal separation. At Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. we have a solid team of lawyers whose practice focuses on administrative practice litigation. Offering a comprehensive list of administrative law client services to companies of all sizes and individuals across Texas, including Austin Central Texas and the Hill Country. Hire a law firm in Austin, Texas. These services include legal support and guidance on federal and state regulations; regulatory licensing; defense of doctors, nurses, veterinarians, chiropractors, engineers, architects, Realtor and other licensed professionals before state licensing boards. The firm also offers assistance and compliance defense for companies and businesses before state agencies in issues involving public utility, water, environmental, state sales and use tax, as well as compliance representation Austin Attorney before various state commissions and boards, and the State Office of Administrative Hearings. Family Law, Divorce Law, Filing For Divorce, Administrative Law, Regulatory Licensing, Administrative Practice Litigation, Personal Injury Claims and More  

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Austin IRS Tax Attorney

As Austin IRS Tax Attorneys Our clients include entrepreneurs, professional practice groups of physicians, veterinarians, or Realtor, and the principals of successful closely held corporations. As well as drafting trusts for achieving tax planning goals, we also review and revise existing estate plans to make sure that recent revisions in federal tax law or IRS interpretations do not adversely affect your interests. To learn more about our experience in the preparation of dependable estate planning instruments, contact Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. in Austin. Austin Attorney.

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Austin Personal Injury Attorney

Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. is an Austin Personal Injury Attorney and Administrative Attorney law firm. Our main offerings include: Divorce, Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Criminal Defense and Business Litigation. Austin Personal Injury Attorneys Dedicated To Helping Personal Injury Victims If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury because of another person’s negligence, gross negligence or willful neglect, let an Austin Personal injury attorney at Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. protect your legal rights.

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Business &  Corporate Law

Contact an experienced Austin licensing law attorney in Austin, Texas at Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc., administrative practice of all kinds is an essential focus of our work, and for many of our clients, business and professional licensing proceedings before administrative agencies can represent their most important legal challenges. To learn how we can help resolve administrative action that can affect your license to do business or earn your livelihood, contact an attorney at our office in Austin. Business &  Corporate Law, Business Litigation from Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. Austin, TX. Our lawyers help businesses of all kinds and sizes, as well as individuals working in the licensed professions, with the broad range of problems that can arise in obtaining or maintaining any business or professional license required under Texas law or regulations.


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To find out more about the range of client service that we offer to individuals and businesses in Texas, around the United States, and even overseas, contact an experienced and dependable attorney at Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc.

austin-attorney-austin-txWe specialize in:

Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. is an Injury Attorney and Administrative Attorney Austin Law Firm. Our main offerings include:

  • Divorce, Bankruptcy
  • Estate Planning
  • Criminal Defense
  • Business Litigation
  • Business &  Corporate Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Injury Claim
  • Auto Injury
  • Filing For Divorce
  • Child Support
  • Austin Attorney at Law
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation Rights
  • Alimony
  • Legal Separation
  • Divorce Settlements
  • Administrative Law
  • Regulatory Licensing
  • Lawsuits and Appeals
  • Criminal Defense
  • Utility Attorney
  • Corporate Attorney
  • Tax Defense
  • Business Litigation
  • License Attorney
  • Condemnation Attorney
  • Eminent Domain Attorney
  • Copyright Attorney
  • Music Attorney
  • Immigration Attorney
  • Patent Attorney

Austin Business & Corporate Law Attorney Austin Texas

Contact an experienced Austin attorney Austin, Texas at Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. for comprehensive and dependable client service before any Texas agency, board, or commission. Our thorough understanding of the Texas Administrative Practices Act, together with our experience with the different jurisdictional factors and standards of review that apply to different state agencies, can help you achieve favorable results in a wide range of litigation matters. Our lawyers handle regulatory and licensing matters involving such industries, professions, and functions as the following: Real estate, construction, and engineering Restaurants, night clubs, and taverns Land use and zoning Licensed trades, including plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, or commercial drivers Nursing homes Licensed professionals, such as architects, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, surveyors, pharmacists, or teachers Matters before the Public Utilities Commission, Texas Department of Health, Hire an Austin Law Firm for Texas Agriculture Commission, or the Railroad Commission of Texas Workers’ compensation insurance, coverage, and rating issues Hearings on state franchise tax, sales and use tax, or alcoholic beverage tax matters Disputes concerning the Freedom of Information Act or state open records laws Except for tax matters heard around the state by the Tax Hearings Division of the Comptroller of Public Accounts, administrative hearings before Texas regulatory and licensing agencies are generally heard in Austin before administrative law judges in the State Office of Administrative Hearings. Our law firm’s location in the heart of the Texas Capitol Complex allows us to represent your interests effectively in administrative litigation before virtually any state agency with rule-making, licensing, regulatory, disciplinary, or enforcement authority. Our proximity to the state agencies, hearing officers, and administrative law judges before whom we practice helps us respond quickly and efficiently to your needs as they develop during the case, and helps us take the initiative in driving your case to a favorable resolution. Administrative Law Firm for Administrative Hearings and Review, IRS Defense, Medical Defense, State Board Licenses, Government Grievances, Regulation and Licensing and More Our attorneys can also represent you in appeals of administrative decisions in district court, whether you need an adverse agency decision revisited, or you need to defend a ruling in your favor from the agency’s appeal. Our experience with both civil and administrative litigation, and the relationship between each under different sets of procedural rules, can represent a substantial advantage both in presenting your case at a hearing and in negotiating a favorable resolution with your agency opponent. Austin attorney Austin, TX

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The Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. is a professional legal services corporation comprised of attorneys, legal counselors, barristers, abogados and lawyers who are globally networked, which allows for the leveraging legal knowledge and legal experience on every aspect of local, state, national and international law. Here at Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc., we offer a comprehensive suite of legal services to companies and individuals backed by our core of outstanding litigators, including highly experienced corporate lawyers, commercial litigators, contract counselors, military and government lawyers, health care attorneys, insurance litigators, personal injury attorneys, divorce lawyers, family law attorneys, probate attorneys, estate planning and succession planning attorneys, tax attorneys, tax counselors and litigators, white collar crime and outstanding defense attorneys, oil & gas attorneys, real estate attorneys, securities attorneys, local and municipal attorneys, and experienced administrative law Austin Attorney. Our approach to each client’s legal case is unique and focuses on maximizing the client’s overall legal success. Useful Resources:

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  • Tax Attorney–About.com
  • American Bar Association

IRS Tax Attorney Austin, TX

Our Austin Attorney cover all tax practice areas, our tax attorneys provide full representation before the IRS and State tax issues. From IRS audits, offers in compromise, installment agreements, to Texas State sales and use tax audits to Texas franchise tax litigation, our tax lawyers are here to represent our clients in the resolution of their respective tax cases. Our tax attorneys have previous experience in state and federal taxing agencies and can therefore better assess a client’s tax case and arrive at a practical and amicable tax solutions. However, for tax cases whose issues are contested, our tax lawyers are prepared to litigate in both state courts as well as a federal district court and the United States Tax Court, for tax issues that need to be litigated. Texas Sales, Use & Local Tax (SALT) Tax Legal Representation The sales and use tax lawyers at Lorenzana & Sarhan Inc. have extensive familiarity and experience with the resolution of problems related to Texas state and local business taxation. As former in-house counsel and hearings attorneys for the State of Texas, our Texas tax attorneys have in an in depth understanding of Comptroller audit procedures and are therefore better equipped to defend a Texas sales tax audit from the initial audit stage and through the re-determination hearing and subsequent sales and use tax appeals to the State district courts in Travis County as mandated by the Texas Tax Code. Our law firm provides assistance to businesses from small, medium to large businesses, not only in Texas but throughout the country in a wide industry area on Texas sales Austin Attorney, local and use tax audits including nexus tax audits as well as desk audits of foreign corporations doing business in Texas. We can provide sales and use tax defense representation in all stages of the audit and sales tax assessment including:

  • Initial Audit Interview
  • Audit Phase
  • Audit Entrance Conference
  • Audit Exit Conference
  • Notification of Audit Results
  • Independent Audit Review Conference (IARC)

  • Request for Re-determination
  • Administrative Tax Hearings before the State Office of Administrative Hearings
  • Proposed Texas Comptroller Decisions
  • Tax Appeals to State District Court in Travis County, Texas
  • Subsequent Sales and Use Tax Appeals.